What’s most important in Software Deployment Projects?

To me the most important thing about Software Development is making sure you get the job done correctly, meaning:

  1. Code is easy to read
  2. Code performs well and does not have artificially or erroneously introduced bottlenecks
  3. Above all make sure the code is easy to maintain

Over the years, most of the time I had to both manage and maintain the projects I had completed for others. The cleaner/better code I write, the more correct choices I make when it comes to the architecture of the project the easier time I would have maintaining and later updating the project.

Usually I didn’t have the luxury of simply moving on to another project and never worrying about how my code/project has perfumed for the customer. So treating the customer as if it was me always pays off in the long term – not to mention a satisfied client is the best way to get another client.