Projects & Jobs

Hello and welcome to my projects and jobs page.

Notable Projects:


  1. Most Recent Employment is not Public
    Over last 15 years I have had several short and long term clients that I cannot mention by name. Instead I’d rather list some of the projects I have completed while there to show Software Development Expertise, Project Management Skills and overall Information Technology Knowledge. Obviously if needed I can provide both professional and personal references if necessary.List of Notable Projects
    1. Nightly processing over 40,000,000 SEO URLs in C#/MS SQL Server
    2. Infrastructure Migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud
    3. Lead Generation Engine – very large VS/ASP.NET Project (95 Visual Studio Projects)
  2. Internet Dental Alliance ( – Senior Developer
    Senior Developer for all online infrastructure and operations for this online marketing and lead generation company. Responsible for the architecture, design, and then implementation of the back-end services. Also responsible for the integration of back-end services with remove services, like Registrar/DNS, Email Provisioning, Call Center phone number provisioning and routing, etc. Responsible for the design and implementation of the Company’s Administration APIs and Websites for business day-to-day operations.
    On the System Side – responsible for the initial setup of the online infrastructure at the co-located facility including OS, Web and SQL software installation, tuning and maintenance. Responsible for continual support for business operations of the main office as well as geographically dispersed workforce. After a number of years and after careful evaluation responsible for the successful migration of entire co-located infrastructure into Microsoft Azure Cloud. Currently providing ongoing support and maintenance for business operations of the cloud infrastructure and branch office operations:
         • ASP.NET Web Form and MVC Web Application Design, Implementation and Maintenance.
         • C# Back-End services Design, Implementation and Maintenance.
         • Continual System and Network Evaluation, Maintenance and Enhancement.
  3. Sea Escapes, Inc. 2002 – 2003 – IM Manager and Senior Developer.
    SeaEcapes, Inc ( was an online Cruise Travel Agency. I was primarily responsible for designing the entire On-Line presence for the company; everything from networking setup – both for the office and co-located cluster, servers setup and of course Software Development. This was my first project in Visual Studio 2003/C#. The On-Line Cruise Booking Engine I developed for the company website and internal support staff allowed for real time ticket information from several cruise lines, like Carnival, Princess, Holland America, etc. The same booking engine allowed for real-time purchasing of the entire cruise package, including the cruise line tickets, the airline tickets and even hotel if desired.
  4. Seven Blue Seas, Inc. 2001 to 2003 – Information Systems Supervisor / Senior Developer
    This is another On-Line Cruise Travel Agency. For this company my primary responsibility was on the System/Network side. I was in charge of both the IT for Office Location and Co-Located servers. We were using a team from China to do most of the development. I did write some code while here, but it was mostly for server side utilities. Production systems were using ASP + Microsoft Commerce Server +MS SQL Server.
  5. 2000 to 2001 – Information Systems Manager / Senior Developer
    This was an on-line Stock Trading company catering primarily to American-Chinese audience. My primary role was overall IT Management with the Development Team located in Hong Kong, China. This presented it’s own set of challenges coordinating testing and application support here in Pasadena, CA while managing and at time providing direct Software Development support to the team in China.
  6. L-Squared Entertainment, Inc. 1996 – 2000 – Developer, Systems/Network Administer
    This was a movie production and special effects company. It was a small shop but with a lot of small and big Hollywood movie projects – you had to be a jack of all trades to make sure each project was delivered according to the specifications and even more importantly before deadline. I remember on one specific movie project each day delay would have cost the company $50,000 fine. Both I am the rest of the support team had to work almost 100 hours for the last couple of weeks just to make the deadline. Nothing prepares you to handle fires than actually being in one and trying to survive 🙂