Project – Lead Generation Engine

Market Specific Lead Generation Enterprise Engine

This was and still is the biggest project I have been involved in. It was a multiple year effort to create the technology infrastructure for an entire company specializing in Market Lead Generation. The company required everything except financial operations. Even so, I was able to set up the Quick Book Export/Import engine to bring on-line registered customers and their leads into Quick Books.

Lead Generation Project's Visual Studio Solution
Lead Generation Project’s Visual Studio Solution
Visual Studio Rebuild Output
Visual Studio Rebuild Output

As much as I would like to take credit for the overall architecture of this project, I can’t do that. The original architect of this project, (I’ll call him Mr. P), made the overall software design decisions. Then we would come to agreement on the methodology and split up the project pieces between us. We would each work on our own piece, meeting in the middle to make things work. Mr. P mostly focused on the front-facing web applications and engines, while I handed most of the back-end processes. I built the DNS, Email Provisioning, Call Tracking,  Geo-Location and other services. In the end I even got to build some of the Lead Management portal UIs (not my favorite thing to do by the way).

Working with Mr. P was very enlightening. I have worked with a lot of smart people and smart coders, but it has always seemed that smart coders lack a certain amount of business sense. “They often  make decisions based on the software choices they like, rather than what’s best for the business. Mr. P had the best of both worlds;  he was  probably the best coder I’ve dealt with, as well as having the common sense and the business insight of a true business manager. Someone told me I would be lucky if I could work with smart people that I could learn from. Well I have learned a lot from Mr. P and still DO!